Sustainable water management

We're becoming more water sensitive to ensure the health of our waterways, which have important environmental, cultural, recreational and economic values.  

Water Sensitive Bendigo

A fifty year vision has been prepared to transition Bendigo to a Water Sensitive City. The Vision and Transition Strategy for Water Sensitive Bendigo includes strategies and desired outcomes for a sustainable water future. The document was informed by extensive consultation with government agencies, industry representatives and the community.  

Stormwater management

Urban stormwater management is the process of controlling runoff to avoid flooding and minimise the harmful effects urbanisation can have on the health of waterways. For more information go to  Stormwater and drainage.

The 2013-2016   Urban Stormwater Management Plan includes actions to improve stormwater management within the city.

Planning and construction to protect and save water

If you are planning a subdivision or new construction in the Bendigo area you need to meet water quality requirements. Go to water sensitive planning and construction.


Greywater is household waste water from the kitchen, bathroom or laundry that may be used   to water gardens and lawns during extended dry periods. To use greywater safely:

  • Use it immediately – don’t store it
  • Don’t use it on vegetables or anything you plan to eat
  • Use detergents and soaps that contain low levels of phosphorous
  • Wash your hands after watering

Go to septic tanks and waste water management or contact the Environmental Health unit on phone 1300 002 642.

Water management agencies

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For more information about environment and sustainability please contact us on 1300 002 642.