Guidelines for on-site habitation

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To live in a caravan on site at the property where you intend to build, you need to obtain a permit. Permits are valid for 6 months.

To be granted a permit to live on site you need to provide the following:

  • A current building permit for the proposed dwelling
  • A current septic tank system permit to install (only in unsewered areas). Where reticulated sewerage is available, all waste water must be properly connected to the sewer.
  • Proper sanitation facilities – minimum of a toilet, a laundry trough, a kitchen sink, a shower or bath and a hand wash basin
  • Water tight flooring
  • To dispose of all domestic rubbish adequately, maintain the property and not cause a nuisance to surrounding neighbours.

Apply for a permit to live on site

Your application to live in a caravan on site while you build a permanent dwelling must include:

  • A scaled diagram of your proposed temporary living arrangements, including a site plan of the property
  • A plan detailing fixtures and amenities to be provided
  • Copies of the relevant building/septic permits granted
  • Any other information that will be relevant to explain how your proposal will meet the City Of Greater Bendigo’s guidelines.

A fee of $209 must be paid when you submit your application.

If we are satisfied with your initial proposal, consent will be given to commence works for temporary on-site habitation. When you complete the works, you must then contact the Local Laws Officer to arrange a site inspection of the temporary living conditions. If satisfactory, a temporary occupancy permit may then be granted.

Renewing a permit

Your temporary on-site habitation permit is valid for 6 months.  Renewing your permit will cost an additional $209. If we are not satisfied that sufficient progress is being made on the permanent dwelling, then the permit will not be renewed and occupants must vacate the property.

Please note: You are not permitted to live in a shed, although its use for auxiliary purposes may be suitable (e.g. use for provision of shelter for a caravan).

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