Pest control


Pest infestations (rats, mice, bees and wasps) on private land must be controlled by the owner or occupier of that property.

Private land

You are responsible for the maintenance of your land. If a pest infestation occurs on your property, you need to take action to control it to prevent it from spreading to neighbouring properties. It may be possible to control the situation yourself by using products available at supermarkets and hardware stores in accordance with the manufacturer’s details. Larger problems may require a professional pest controller.

To reduce the possibility of a pest infestation on your property, maintain buildings to prevent possible entry points and shelter locations. Preventing the build-up of materials and vegetation around the house will reduce the availability of suitable shelter and breeding sites for pests.

Controlling pests on Council land

The City of Greater Bendigo is responsible for removing any pest infestations on land that it owns.  

Residents should report any pest activity in public spaces such as parks, gardens, reserves, nature strips and other public places.

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