Septic tanks and wastewater management

Septic management system in newly dug soil

Non-sewered sites may require installation of wastewater treatment systems such as a septic tank including trenches for primary and/or secondary treatment to dispose of the wastewater generated on-site.

Options such as wastewater treatment plants and composting toilets are types of septic tank systems. A septic tank system treats and retains sewage (toilet water) and sullage (bath, shower and sink water etc.) within the boundaries of your property.

To install or alter a septic tank system in an unsewered area, property owners are required to apply for consent from the City.


Apply to install or alter a septic tank

Our application pack includes instructions for applying, accompanying documents, and information about suitable plants to put around your tank, tank specifications and how the application process works.

Download the Application to Install or Alter a Septic Tank

Request an inspection of your installed septic tank

Before you use your septic tank system, you must have it inspected by the City and receive a permit.

Download the Septic tank system - final inspection request form

Apply to amend a septic tank permit

If you propose changing details of a septic tank permit already issued, such as the type of septic tank system to be installed or details of your licensed plumber. If changes are being made to approved plans, such as allotment and floor plans, please supply with this application.

Download the Amend septic tank permit application form

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