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Keep it simple and keep it safe – Food safety and fund raising

Food is a universal means for bringing people together, marking occasions, creative expression and keeping healthy and well. For some, selling food is a livelihood, for others, a means of raising vital funds for community groups, projects or charity.

In Victoria, the sale of food usually triggers the need to register with your local Council under the Food Act 1984. Fees for registration vary depending on the activities undertaken, the likely monitoring and support required from the City, the risk associated with the handling activities and the purposes the food is being produced and sold.

Here are some ways you can minimise registration fees when selling food:

Class 4 Food Premises

In Victoria, food premises that meet the Class 4 definition only need to notify Council, rather than register the food premises. There are no fees applicable for a Class 4 food premises notification.

Class 4 Community Groups are those that:

  • Operate a food stall selling bought shelf stable biscuits, tea or instant coffee (with or without milk or soymilk)
  • Sell packaged or covered cakes (other than cakes with a cream filling) at a temporary food premises
  • Sell low-risk pre-packaged food such as jams and honey
  • Sell sausages that are cooked and served immediately

Class 4 Retailers include:

  • Cinemas and theatres selling low-risk pre-packaged food (confectionery, bottled water and soft drinks)
  • Confectionery shops selling pre-packaged chocolate and sugar-based confectionery
  • Green grocers and fruit stalls selling whole or uncut fruit only
  • Liquor bottle shops
  • Milk bars selling only pre-packaged food such as gum, packaged confectionery, bottles water and soft drinks
  • Pharmacists selling prepacked food such as gum and packaged confectionery
  • Service stations selling low-risk pre-packaged food such as confectionery, bottled water and soft drinks
  • Vending machines selling packaged confectionery, bottled water and soft drinks
  • Video shops selling low-risk pre-packaged food  such as confectionery, bottled water and soft drinks

Class 4 Service Sector includes:

  • Businesses that operate from a temporary food stall selling sausages that are cooked and served immediately
  • Sessional children’s services where low-risk food, or cut fruit or vegetables is served, and the food is served to children
  • Tea shops that sell low-risk pre-packaged foods
  • Wine tasting for members of the public, which may include serving hard cheese or low-risk food that has been prepared and is ready to eat

Class 4 Warehouse Distributors include:

  • Green grocers and fruit wholesalers selling whole or uncut fruit only

Other ways to minimise Food Act registration fees

Primary produce and farm gate sales

Another way you will not require Food Act registration fees is by selling only ‘primary produce’. Primary food production is defined by the Food Act 1984 as:

The growing, raising, cultivation, picking, harvesting, collection or catching of food’.

Primary produce does not include food that has undergone substantial transformation such as cooking, canning, chopping, mixing, drying, freezing etc.

By selling only primary produce from a farm gate, you will not need to register as a food business.

Charity or Non-profit Organisations with no paid employees

The City of Greater Bendigo offers other Food Act registration fee reductions for groups selling food that meets the following requirements:

  • Registered charity or non-profit organisation; and
  • No paid employees; and
  • Do not sell alcohol or cigarettes; and
  • Meet any other requirements specified by the City for fee reduction eligibility.



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