Register a food business

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All businesses and groups that sell food to the public in Victoria must ensure that the food they sell is safe.  
All food businesses in Greater Bendigo must register with our Environmental Health Unit and comply with the Food Act before commencing trade.  
Prior to contacting the Environmental Health Unit you should consult the Planning department to determine what other permits may be required.  

Food business classes

There are 4 classes for registration of a food business . A business is classed according to the degree of risk associated with its food handling activities.  

You need to understand which class your businesses falls into before you can find out specific requirements you will need to meet. 

Apply to register a class 1, 2, 3 or 4 food business  

To register your food business you need to submit the following:

Your application may take a minimum of 15 days to process from date of payment.

Once you have received a Certificate of Registration, your business may commence trading.

Meat, fish and dairy businesses - register with other authorities

Some businesses are required to register with other authorities and do not need to register with the City.  

Meat and seafood producers  are businesses that sell, transport, store or prepare mainly meat, fish or seafood (like a butcher or fishmonger) need to register with Primesafe. Find out more on the Primesafe website or phone 03 9685 7333.

Dairy businesses that sell, make, transport or prepare mainly dairy products are regulated by Dairy Food Safety Victoria. Find out more on the Dairy Food Safety Victoria website or phone 03 9810 5900.

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