About the City's waste

The City of Greater Bendigo is working hard to reduce waste. We are doing this by making it easier for you to recycle, prevent organic and green waste going into the bin, and diverting e-waste, hard rubbish and chemicals from the landfill.

Residents can get rid of other waste at our landfills (tips) and recycling centres and participate in programs that dispose of e-waste and hard rubbish and household chemicals safely.

Our new organics service aims to divert organic waste from our local landfill sites to reduce the associated costs, avoid the production of methane gases and odours, and produce compost.

The Resource Recovery & Education Code of Practice as referred to in Community Local Law 2.1 requires that residents use the council-provided bins for collection correctly. This includes separating recycling and omitting hazardous waste (syringes, hot ash, liquid waste etc.), or leaving bins in the street other than on collection day.  Bins in commercial zones must not be outside the property boundary between 10.00am and 5.30pm on any day. 


Loddon Mallee Waste Info App

The Loddon Mallee Waste Info App has been developed to help residents make quick and simple waste and recycling decisions with the aim to reduce contamination and increase recycling levels.

Features of the Waste Info App include:

  • Personalised bin collection calendar for residents, with optional reminders
  • A-Z list of materials and images showing which bin to put materials in
  • Further information, hints and tips to help with waste management
  • Information about Council’s waste and recycling services and facilities, including contact details, opening times and maps
  • ‘Report a problem’ form allowing residents to send feedback direct to Council
  • Push notifications letting residents know changes to collection dates, events and programs

Download the App and select City of Greater Bendigo:


Waste wise, plastic-free Events

The City of Greater Bendigo has introduced a Waste Wise Events Single-Use Plastics Elimination Policy to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill from events. The policy is also a way to inform and educate stakeholders and the public about single-use plastic, the impact that it has, and the way in which it can be reduced and avoided.

We're strongly committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and are working to achieve this through educational campaigns and events, and by introducing policies like this one.

The policy will assist in driving change by encouraging event holders and the community to think about waste generation, where these materials end up and how the transition can be made to avoid, reduce and encourage reusable options.

Read our eliminate single-use plastics guide for event holders and food vendors and Waste Wise Single-Use Plastic Policy. 

Event holders and food vendors are encouraged to use our signage to promote their commitment to being single-use plastic free.
"We Love Reuseable" signage
"Organics bin" signage  

We welcome your feedback.

Did you know you can log requests online?

This includes several bin requests such as missed bins, footpath maintenance, tree inspections and general requests. Visit our make a request page.

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