Circular Economy

Creating a Circular Economy

The Eaglehawk landfill is due to reach capacity in 2022-23. To prepare for this closure, the City of Greater Bendigo is taking steps to build a ‘circular economy’ for the region to future-proof our relationship with “waste”.


So what is the ‘Circular Economy’?

Our current waste system struggles to do much with end-of-life materials i.e. “waste”

Materials are either sent to landfill, or are “recycled” into lower-quality materials e.g. aggregate, road base, mixed plastics etc.

The current system is broken. It is cheaper to dump materials in a hole than to recycle them

The Circular Economy seeks to change how we handle and value our material resources and keep them in use for as long as possible

This is a shift from a ‘take, make, waste’ society that focuses on the management of the waste we all produce, to ‘take, make, reuse’ society where we recover and eventually reuse all of the material resources from the products we throw away.

Watch this video explaining the Circular Economy in 3 minutes

For a detailed guide to the Circular Economy, we recommend checking out the Ellen MacArthur Foundation website.


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