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ASPIRE platform

As a business you can now trade, exchange or sell your unwanted waste(d) materials and products with the ASPIRE reuse platform. The City of Greater Bendigo has partnered with ASPIRE to help you to reduce your waste disposal costs and also minimise the amount of waste you send to landfill.

ASPIRE and the Circular Economy

Our current waste system struggles to do much with the end-of-life materials we call ‘waste’.

The circular economy seeks to change how we handle and value our material resources and keep them in use for as long as possible. This is a shift from a ‘take, make, waste’ society to a ‘take, make, reuse’ society, where we recover and eventually reuse all of the material resources from products we no longer need. A circular economy also regenerates natural systems by redesigning food systems and recovering organic material.

With good design and effective recovery of materials, we can aim to avoid waste completely and create new industries for Greater Bendigo.

ASPIRE is an online material resource matchmaking platform that allows businesses to find alternative solutions for what they’re currently paying to send to landfill. As a business, it works by enabling you to list unwanted materials or products and connects you with potential remanufacturers, purchasers or recyclers of your waste resource. It helps businesses take the first step on the circular economy journey. 

The ASPIRE platform was originally developed by CSIRO and Data 61 as a pilot, in response to manufacturing companies talking to their local councils about rising waste disposal costs - particularly those associated with increasing landfill levies.

Watch the video to find out more about the ASPIRE reuse Marketplace as a tool for business. 

Connecting with other businesses who can re-use or re-purpose your waste(d) materials and products may provide several cost savings and environmental benefits, including:

  • Reducing costs on waste disposal
  • Earn revenue from waste(d) materials and products
  • Diverting waste from landfill
  • Creating new supply chains
  • Connecting local businesses
  • Creating new ideas for re-use and recycling
  • Exchanging or sell items
  • Reducing emissions and tracking your carbon savings
  • Transparency on your transactions with the SGS verification system. 

You can trade and repurpose many different material streams and products on the ASPIRE platform:

  • Automotive parts
  • Cardboard
  • Chemicals
  • Construction waste
  • Demolition waste
  • Electronic waste
  • Furniture
  • Glass
  • Liquids
  • Metals
  • Organic waste
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Textiles
  • Wood and timber

Plus an 'Other category' for anything else that does not fit into the above streams. 

Watch this video to see how easy it is to trade a resource. 

How do I get my business started with ASPIRE?

The ASPIRE platform is FREE for businesses located in the City of Greater Bendigo Local council area with 20 employees or less. Once your account has been activated, you'll receive an email with login details. 


What if I have more than 20 employees?

You can still join the ASPIRE reuse platform. Businesses of any size can join, however there is an annual fee for larger businesses. 

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