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Commercial Services

The City of Greater Bendigo offers a fee-based commercial waste collection service to local businesses with a range of bins available based on the amount and type of waste produced by your business. The City’s commercial collection service offers value for money depending on the size and number of bins and frequency of bin collections your business requires.

Want more information or want to sign up to the service? To discuss your available options or arrange our commercial waste collection service please contact the City on 1300 002 642 or email [email protected]

Commercial Recycling Fees 2022 / 2023

Weekly collection - $214.9

Twice weekly - $429.8

Three times weekly - $644.7

Commercial Organics Collection remains free of charge for businesses until July 1 2023


What are the advantages to your business of sorting your waste?

  • Reduce your business costs: Sorting waste properly is economical for your business. Depending upon your waste collection frequency, the City’s organics and recycling collection service can save your business between $150 to $1,000 per year.
  • Improve your business branding: Many consumers are attracted by green and sustainable businesses. About 73 per cent of Victorians seek out businesses who have adopted sustainable services.
  • Boost staff morale: Many of today’s employees are environmentally conscious and make recycling at home a priority. So, it’s logical for them to continue to keep up their good recycling efforts at their workplace too!

By sorting your waste, your business will also help the environment by;

  • Saving energy:  It saves a significant amount of energy to reuse and recycle the material than producing it from scratch. For example, making new paper from old paper saves the need to chop down a tree.
  • Diverting more waste from landfill: Greater Bendigo’s only landfill site at Eaglehawk will reach its capacity in 2022-23 and we need your support to divert as much waste as we can away from landfill.
  • Preventing global warming: Harmful Greenhouse gases such as Methane (CH4) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are a major cause of global warming and climate change. When organic waste ends up in landfill, it produces landfill gas consisting of approximately 55 per cent methane gas which is highly flammable and damaging to the environment. 
  • Lessening harmful carbon emissions: Did you know that one tonne of food waste sent to landfill produces 1146 kg carbon emission per year compared to composting material which produces only 59 kg of carbon emissions per year.

For more information please read our Commercial Kerbside Organics, Recycling and General Waste Collection Service brochure 

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