General waste bin

General Waste Bin

Help us to reduce waste going into our landfill by sorting your waste into the right bins.

Your general waste is collected each week.


How do I know when my bins are collected?

Check online: Open the following link and search for your address - Waste Collection Services. Your collection details will be shown in the information panel, including which collection calendar you are on (A or B).

Download a calendar: Download a collection calendar for your area, which will show organics and recycling alternating collections. If you don't know which collection calendar you are on (A or B), you can check online as above.


What goes in the general waste bin

The following waste should be placed in your general waste bin:

  • Clothing and shoes (not suitable for donation)
  • Small household polystyrene or foam trays
  • Household general waste
  • Broken glass, mirrors or ceramics
  • Light bulbs
  • Nappies

Do not put in your general waste bin:

  • Recyclables
  • Garden clippings 
  • E-Waste
  • Bulk packaging polystyrene
  • Syringes
  • Gas bottles
  • Paints or solvents
  • Bricks, rubble, timber or tiles
  • Pesticides, oils or chemicals



Downsize your household bin and save money

You can downsize your general waste bin to a smaller bin.

A smaller bin will:

  • Save you up to $119 on your rates (on a pro rata basis)
  • Be easier for you to move

You can upsize or downsize your bin using our online form.

Renters should contact the property owner or real estate agent to discuss changes to waste collection services.

Contact us

For more information about our waste collection services please contact us on 03 5434 6000.

A-Z Guide for Waste

Download an A-Z guide for waste disposal.

Download a guide to the three bin organics, recycling and waste system, including what can and can’t go in each bin.

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