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About Eaglehawk Landfill

The City of Greater Bendigo encourages all members of the community to dispose of their waste correctly and to only send waste to landfill that cannot be recycled or recovered in any other way.

Eaglehawk Landfill is nearing its end of life. To assist with extending the life of our landfill and to have a positive environmental effect – sending waste to landfill should be the last option. Reducing landfill reduces the current and future financial liabilities that must be paid to the State Government in the form of a levy on every tonne of waste that we put into our landfill.

Due to operational changes (that came into effect April 1, 2020), the Eaglehawk Landfill no longer accepts vehicles greater than 10 metres in length, including truck and trailer combinations. The City apologises for any inconvenience this may cause businesses, however it is necessary to ensure the smooth running of the site. If your vehicle exceeds 10 metres, please make other arrangements to dispose of your waste. 

Where possible, reduce your waste, recycle and reuse. We encourage residents and small commercial operators to work with City staff at the landfill to identify reusable or saleable items that can be diverted to one of the City’s three Transfer Stations to save on disposal costs.

Opening hours and contact

8am – 4pm weekdays
8am – 4.30pm
Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday
The Eaglehawk Landfill is closed on code red and extreme weather days.

Contact Landfill: 03 5446 3917 

Please note: we no longer accept cash; EFTPOS is available at all sites.


Fees and charges

  • Garbage bag: $191 per tonne 
  • Car-load: $191 per tonne 
  • Trailer-load, ute-load, van-load: $191 per tonne 
  • Separated waste: $141 per tonne 
  • Tandem: $191 per tonne 
  • Domestic asbestos: $260 per tonne 
  • Domestic car-load: Free 
  • Domestic trailer-load, ute-load, van-load: Free
  • Domestic green truck, tandem: Free
  • Green commercial: $79 per tonne 
  • Car: $7 per tyre
  • Car with rim: $13 per tyre
  • Motorcycle: $7 per tyre
  • Light truck: $11 per tyre
  • Light truck (with rim): $13 per tyre
  • Heavy truck: $13 per tyre
  • Heavy truck (with rim): $23 per tyre
  • Super single (with or without rim): POA
  • Bob Cat tyre: $12 per tyre
  • Forklift (small): $13 per tyre
  • Forklift tyre (medium): $18 per tyre
  • Forklift tyre (large): $23 per tyre
  • Forklift over 36" tyre: POA
  • Tractor tyre (small): $69 per tyre
  • Tractor tyre (medium): $112 per tyre
  • Tractor tyre (large): $169
  • Mattresses: $32 each
  • Paint: Free through "Paintback" drop off 

This charge is for loads that contain large amounts of materials that take up a significant amount of valuable space in landfill but are light in weight. The fee is $392 per tonne. Please note there is a minimum charge of $20 for commercial and industrial loads <100kg.

The list of these types of materials includes, but is not limited to:

  • Lightweight
  • Unrecyclable plastics
  • Polystyrene
  • Foam
  • Insulation
  • Carpet
  • Tarps
  • PVC piping

These loads will be deemed to contain 30% or more recyclable materials or where large amounts of recycling can be seen to have been collected from one bin. The fee is $392 per tonne.

The list of these types of materials includes, but is not limited to:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • E-waste including white goods
  • Mattresses
  • Co-mingled recycling
  • Metal
  • Green waste
  • Asbestos
  • Tyres

Top tip: If you place green waste and tyres on top – these can be disposed of correctly first, and then vehicles are able to be weighed again to avoid paying the unsorted fee.

Please note there is a minimum charge of $20 for commercial and industrial loads less than 100kg.

  • Industrial/commercial: $204 per tonne 
  • Building rubble: $204 per tonne 
  • Category C contaminated soil: $250 per tonne
  • Immediate Deep Burial of Prohibited or Dangerous Items: $110

Prescribed Industrial Waste

The Eaglehawk Landfill is currently licensed to accept Category C soil and domestic asbestos, and there are strict guidelines around the disposal of both.

Eaglehawk Landfill Domestic Asbestos Disposal Guidelines

Category C material is required to be booked in for disposal 48 hours prior. Material which has not been booked in appropriately or arrives without the required documentation will not be allowed to be disposed of onsite. All Category C material must be transported in a licensed vehicle accompanied by a waste transport certificate.

Eaglehawk Landfill Checklist – Category C (contaminated soil) and Asbestos

Eaglehawk Landfill Pre-Booking - Category C (Contaminated soil) form

Bendigo Renewable Energy Facility

The Bendigo Renewable Energy Facility was first commissioned in July 2008, and today has an installed capacity of 0.5MW. Since commissioning, the facility has exported 50,000MW hours of base-load renewable electricity, and created 50,000 Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGC’s).

Find out more about the Renewable Energy Facility by downloading the factsheet.


191-193 Upper California Gully Road (known as Upper Road), near Victoria Street, Eaglehawk.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday, 8am–4pm 
Saturday-Sunday, 8am-4:30pm 
Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday

The Eaglehawk Landfill is closed on code red and extreme weather days.

Contact us

For more information about our waste collection and disposal services, phone 03 5434 6000.

A-Z Guide for Waste

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