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Organics bin

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Organics in the kitchen

Residents in urban Bendigo and Marong receive a fortnightly organics collection service for all food and garden waste.

The service was introduced in 2016 to divert organic material from landfill to be recycled and turned into a rich compost, this has a positive effect on the environment and it will also assist in extending the life of local landfill. It will reduce the current and future financial liabilities that must be paid to the State Government in the form of a levy on every tonne of waste that we put into our landfill.

Bendigo’s bin systems operates as follows:

  • FORTNIGHTLY collection of your 240 litre lime green lid organics bin
  • FORTNIGHTLY collection of your 240 litre/360 litre yellow or blue lid recycling bin
  • WEEKLY collection of your red or dark green lid waste bin

The organics bins are collected by Four Seasons Waste after they won the collection contract and the material collected is taken to Biomix in Stanhope to be processed into compost.

How do I know when my bins are collected?

Check online: Open the following link and search for your address - Waste Collection Services. Your collection details will be shown in the information panel, including which collection calendar you are on (A or B).

Download a calendar: Download a collection calendar for your area, which will show organics and recycling alternating collections. If you don't know which collection calendar you are on (A or B), you can check online as above.

To find out what goes in the Organics Bin and what happens to our Organics, download the organics reference guide or see handy hints for your organic waste.

Need additional caddy liners?

Additional compostable caddy liners can be obtained free of charge* by ordering online or by phoning Customer Service on 5434 6000.

Alternatively you could try;

  • Line your organics bin with newspaper
  • Use paper towel to line the bottom of your caddy liners to soak up any moisture that can cause the liner to break down quicker than normal
  • Double wrap meat, bones and unwanted pet food (with newspaper or paper towel) before placing in your caddy
  • Wrap fish and seafood waste (in newspaper or paper towel) and place in your freezer until your next collection is due

*Limits apply.

What if I live in a rural or small township area?

In our rural areas and townships we have a two bin system.

Join the Compost Revolution program!

This program offers subsidised compost bins at 70 per cent off and free delivery to households within rural Greater Bendigo that do not receive the City’s kerbside organics service. You will also be provided with information on how you can compost your own organic waste in your backyard, and free access to the Compost Revolution online tutorials on how to start up or improve your compost at home.

To find out more, download the Rural - Put the right thing in the right bin booklet.

Apply for an organics collection exemption

If you can demonstrate that you already manage all organic material effectively on the property, you may be granted an exemption from the City’s organic collection service.

Request an organics collection service exemption.

Book an organics exemption re-visit

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