Heritage is the places and events that are important to a community. Heritage shapes our identity and fosters a pride of place, connecting us to our past, our city and our region.

Heritage can relate to a wide variety of places, including a building or group of buildings, site or area, land or landscape, a memorial, a tree, garden or parkland, the place of a historical event, urban areas, towns, industrial sites, archaeological sites, as well as spiritual and religious places.

The City of Greater Bendigo protects our rich heritage for present and future generations by managing our heritage places, our heritage projects and through the Heritage Overlay in the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme, which lists those places that are locally significant.

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For more information about protecting our heritage please contact us on 1300 002 642 or email [email protected]

Pioneers, Poppetheads & Prosperity

The booklet Pioneers, Poppetheads & Prosperity has been produced to help you discover Bendigo's rich heritage.

It includes a snapshot of Bendigo's history, with help and advice on the Council services available to owners of heritage homes, and places you can visit in the city or in the forest to explore the wonderful heritage of where you live. 

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