Local laws

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Local laws enable Council's to identify local issues that are important to the community and put controls in place to ensure public safety, amenity and protection of natural and community assets. 

Council creates local laws that apply to its municipal district through the Local Government Act 1989.

Local laws must not be inconsistent with other legislation or regulation or duplicate any matters contained within a planning scheme.

Local laws determine when activities require permits for residents and others.

City of Greater Bendigo current laws include:

Application forms for:

  1. Outdoor dining, A-frame and footpath trading
  2. Activities in public places (busking, mobile food vehicles, street stalls)
  3. Open Air Burning

Further information for:

  1. Outdoor Dining and Street Trading Code of Practice Fact Sheet
  2. Outdoor Dining and Street Trading Code of Practice
  3. Open Air Burning Fact Sheet

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