Municipal Baths

A concept image of the Municipal Baths concept depicting the boardwalk, baths and water play area.

The City of Greater Bendigo has developed a draft concept plan for the former Municipal Baths in Rosalind Park. The Municipal Baths are located on the rise between the Faith Leech Aquatic Centre and the adjacent bowls and croquet clubs in Rosalind Park and are currently not accessible to the public.

This project will renew the site with new infrastructure and open it up for community use.

The draft concept plan recommends the following works take place at the site:

  • Removal of perimeter fencing
  • Relocation of the Ibis and removal of the island under the guidance of the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning
  • Construction of a loop walking path and installation of a board walk on the eastern side of the water body
  • Construction of a broad boardwalk in order to enjoy the special environments of lush riparian plantings along the water’s edge and in the open water
  • Access to open, shallow water via deck areas and low walls
  • Construction of a larger shelter/BBQ/water play area on the Barnard Street side of the water body
  • Construction of a smaller shelter at the Gaol Road end of the water body
  • Installation of a terraced seating amphitheatre on the northern side of the water body
  • Installation of water play elements in the form of simple water jets
  • Installation of irrigated lawn areas to serve as informal gathering areas for picnicking, enjoying nature or quiet time

You can view the entire Municipal Baths Draft Concept Plan here.

Community feedback

The City is reviewing all feedback received via email and the two public webinars held in September 2020. Feedback will be used to inform any changes to the final concept plan for consideration by Council.

Further project information

The redevelopment project is a key action in the  of the Rosalind Park Precinct Master Plan (2014), which recommends opening up and restoring the site for the use and enjoyment of  the wider community.

The site is also not currently accessible to the public and this project will provide a new space for local residents to recreate and enjoy. 

The Municipal Baths were constructed in 1912-13 on the site of an existing dam as Bendigo’s primary location for swimming and bathing until the development of the adjacent Faith Leech Aquatic Centre in the 1950’s. 

Originally more than twice its current size the former Municipal Baths facility featured change rooms, training infrastructure, jetty’s and a grandstand.  The current water body was fenced off to the public in the 1980’s.

The anticipated cost of the project is approximately $2.5 million.  The project will be funded by the City of Greater Bendigo who have obtained a low interest loan through the Victorian Government’s Community Infrastructure Loan Scheme to undertake the project

Australian White Ibis (Threskiornis moluccu) are a protected native species under the Wildlife Act (1975)This wading bird of the Ibis family is found across much of Australia.  Their preferred habitats include swamps, lagoons, floodplains and grasslands but they sometimes inhabit urban parks, gardens and water bodies such as the old Municipal Baths.

Ibis are very good at exploiting the availability of food sources in urban environments and this can create some management challenges.

Australian White Ibis nest in large colonies and can rear one or two broods in a year.  Moving the birds on while they are nesting is illegal and the City of Greater Bendigo will work closely with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning to move the birds away from the site

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Municipal Baths Draft Concept Plan, please contact the City on 03 5434 6000 or email us at [email protected] 


Detailed design and tender documentation plans are currently being prepared.

It is anticipated that construction works will commence in autumn/winter 2022.  

We welcome your feedback.

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