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Parking rules exist to improve traffic flow and provide equity of parking. They assist with the safety of road users and pedestrians and ensure effective traffic management.

Time restrictions are set on parking spaces to create a turn over of vehicles so that as many people as possible have access to an area.

If you stay longer than the time allowed you are likely to receive a fine. Putting more money in a meter or purchasing an additional ticket does not remove your obligation to move from the area after the time limit is up.

Parking restrictions generally operate from 8.30am to 5.30pm across the CBD.

Parking signs can apply to a length of road, an area or a car park.

It is important that you look for signs when entering any street or car park. They may not be right next to your car. If a sign is located at a distance from your vehicle, you should leave your vehicle and move to a point from which you can clearly read every panel of the sign to ensure that the position in which you have chosen to park is legal.

Reading every panel of a multi-panel sign is vital. Each panel could contain information relating to the location in which you want to park your car.

The panels with the arrows pointing towards your car will advise which restrictions apply to you.

Don't forget, some areas can have several different types of restriction in a single day.

Information relating to the days and times when restrictions apply can vary from location to location. Each sign will tell you when it applies. If no days and times are shown, the restriction applies twenty four (24) hours of every day of the year.

Parking signs should be checked every time you park your car, even if you are familiar with the area. Restrictions and/or the days and times when restrictions apply are occasionally amended to meet the changing needs of the community.

Some streets can have several different restrictions operating at once eg: Pall Mall has

  •  1 hour metered areas
  •  2 hour ticket areas
  •  10 minute areas
  •  Loading zones
  •  No stopping areas
  •  Disabled parking
  • 15 minute parking

Parking in Bendigo a Handy Guide is a useful references for city motorists.

This map provides a simple overview of the Parking in Central Bendigo.  It also provides an indication of approxamate walking times. 

Parking, the law and you


Parking, the Law and You is a full-colour booklet which explains the most common parking rules and signs. It also tells you what to do if you get a fine, and outlines the appeal process and the consequences of not paying a fine.

These booklets are a great way to help people who have questions about the law or who receive an infringement notice from your council. Give people the information they need to understand the law, avoid further parking infringements, and stop their infringement turning into a legal problem.

To download the brochure please click here.