Abandoned or unregistered vehicles

We will investigate any vehicles which are unregistered or we believe to be abandoned on City of Greater Bendigo managed roads or land. Please report vehicles to our Customer Service Centre 1300 002 642.

The City of Greater Bendigo investigates each reported abandoned or unregistered vehicle by:

  • Checking if the vehicle is registered and whether it is stolen
  • Attempting to contact the owner and working with them to remove the vehicle
  • Regularly monitoring the vehicle while we investigate and work with the owner to have the vehicle moved
  • Removing and impounding the vehicle if the owner does not remove the vehicle

Vehicles found abandoned in state or national forest should be reported to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) or Parks Victoria.

Major highways and arterial roads are not managed by the City of Greater Bendigo. To ensure there are no delays in helping you, any abandoned or unregistered vehicles on these roads should be reported directly to VicRoads.

Investigation into abandoned vehicles can take from 14 to 60 business days. This depends on the registration status of the vehicle, which state the vehicle is registered in, the availability of information as well as the ability of the owner to remove the vehicle. 

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