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Disabled parking permits

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Disabled parking space

City of Bendigo issues parking permits to people with a disability as part of the Victorian Disabled Persons Parking Scheme. The permit holder can be a driver, passenger or organisation that transports individuals who meet the criteria.

The scheme has two permit categories with different parking concessions, based on the applicant’s needs.

Renewing your permit

If your permit is about to expire or has just expired, download and complete the Disabled parking permit renewal form or complete our online form.

If your permanent permit expired more than two months ago, you will need to contact the City of Greater Bendigo to receive further information regarding the renewal of your permit.

Using a permit

A disabled parking permit allows permit holders to park wherever there is a green or blue permissive parking sign.

If you have a disabled person’s permit, parking is not permitted in restricted locations such as Clearways, No Stopping, No Parking Areas, Taxi Only Areas and Bus Zones.

You can hold only one disability parking permit. The permit must only be displayed when the permit holder is travelling in the vehicle.

Permit categories

Category one blue

Category one permits are for people with significant intellectual or ambulatory disabilities who meet the eligibility criteria. The permit entitles you to park:

  • In a special bay reserved for people with a disability for the specified time only
  • In any ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time (parking fees must be paid, if applicable).

Your eligibility must be confirmed by a medical practitioner as part of the application process.

Category two green

This permit is for people who need rest breaks when walking. Your eligibility must be confirmed by a medical practitioner as part of the application process.

Temporary permits can be issued to an individual whose ability to walk is significantly restricted on a temporary basis and is not likely to improve within 6 months.

Category two permit holders may park a vehicle in any ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time (having paid parking fees, if applicable). These permits do not entitle holders to park in special disabled persons' parking bays.

Types of disability parking permits

Within the categories, the City issues permits to:

  • A driver or passenger who has a significant intellectual or ambulatory disability (Code A)
  • A passenger who has a significant intellectual or ambulatory disability (Code B)
  • Organisations transporting individuals with a disability (Code C)
  • A temporary permit (Code D)

Apply for a disabled parking permit

Download and complete the:

Please note: We don’t send permit expiry notices to remind you to renew your permits.

Permit cancellation

Your permit is automatically cancelled after the expiry date and may be cancelled at any time if you misuse it or breach the conditions of use.

VicRoads disability parking rules

For more general information regarding disability parking rules, please visit https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-rules/road-rules/disability-parking

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