If you park illegally you risk being issued with an infringement. Parking fines can be served on you by being handed to you, put under your vehicle's windscreen wiper or sent to the registered owner of the car via mail.

If you fail to pay an infringement or to use one of the other options available to you within 21 days of the infringement being issued to you, you will incur additional costs and further enforcement action may be taken against you.

Your vehicle, another driver

If you are the registered owner of a vehicle but you were not the person responsible for the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence you may nominate the person responsible. The fine will then be reissued to the person you nominate.

Tell us who was driving your car. Download and complete the Known User Statement.

Scam e-mail alert

Please be aware that the City of Greater Bendigo does not issue parking infringement notices via email. Malicious scam emails are being sent claiming that a parking ticket has been issued to the email recipient. If you receive emails like these, delete them and do not open any attachments.

For more information on this parking scam, please visit https://www.scamwatch.gov.au 


Pay your parking infringement

You can pay your parking fine by:


Contest a parking infringement

If you believe that you have a good reason for not paying the infringement notice you can apply for an internal review.  Please note: your fine will be reviewed only once.

Find out how to contest a parking fine 

Collection of overdue fines

If you delay paying your parking infringement, you will pay more. Find out about the collection process

Contact us

For more information about parking services please contact us on 1300 002 642.

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