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Paying for parking in Bendigo

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The Old Post Office and Visitors Centre

The City of Greater Bendigo has several options available to pay for your parking in off Street and on Street car parks operated by the City.

Pay for your parking by phone 

You can pay for your parking throughout the city centre by using PayStay on your phone. PayStay is a parking payment system that allows you to park and pay for parking on your personal device, without having to walk to a ticket machine, buy a ticket, return to your car and display the ticket on your car dashboard.

Prior to using PayStay for the first time, you need to register as a user by downloading the PayStay App, by visiting the PayStay website or calling 1300 322 111. Registering is a simple process and can be done at any time. Multiple vehicle registrations can be linked to the one account for convenience. 

For more information on how PayStay works visit PayStay or call PayStay on 1300 322 111. 

Once registered there are several ways to use PayStay. The simplest way is through the PayStay App on your smartphone. It is as simple as: 

  • Open the PayStay App 
  • Select the vehicle registration 
  • Enter the parking zone number displayed on the parking sign. (If the smartphone’s ‘location services’ is enabled, the app will identify where the car is parked) 
  • Touch ‘start’
  • When you return to your vehicle to leave, open the PayStay App and touch ‘stop’.  

In any of the on street or off street car parks operated by the City of Greater Bendigo. PayStay availability is indicated on the green PayStay signs. PayStay can't be used in the City's 2 Multi Storey Car Parks.

The PayStay session will continue until the maximum fee is reached for the zone your vehicle is parked in.

You can register for and use PayStay via a phone call, SMS text message and via the PayStay website without using the App. 

The PayStay system allows you to choose to receive a SMS text message reminder 10 minutes before your session is due to end.

Pay for your parking at the Meter or Ticket Machine.

You can pay for your parking at Ticket Machines or meters located throughout Bendigo's CBD.

Ticket machines with credit card facilities are located throughout Bendigo's CBD and can be identified by a blue 'pay here by credit card sign'.

Parking tickets can only be used in other locations where the fee for parking is the same. This means that all day tickets purchased in the City's all day car parks can't be used in time restricted areas.

Pay for parking by smart phone app, web, SMS or voice call

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