Residential parking permits

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To get a residential permit you must live in a property with no off-street parking, no reasonable opportunity to modify the property to provide parking and where directly adjacent on-street parking is time restricted.

Residents in Commercial 1 Zones are not eligible for residential parking permits.

If your property is not eligible for a residential parking permit you may wish to use one of the multistorey car parks on a permanent basis:

Permits expire each year on 30 September. There is an application fee, which is reviewed annually.

Using a residential parking permit

Your permit must be displayed when parking. The permit does not allow parking on footpaths, no standing areas or other restricted zones. Permits may not be used for boats, trailers or caravans.

Residents of new developments where developers have not provided parking will not be eligible for a permit.

Permit cancellation

Your permit is automatically cancelled after the expiry date and may be cancelled at any time if you misuse it or breach the conditions of use.

Apply for a residential parking permit

Download the resident parking permit application form or complete the online form below.

When you apply please do not pay the application fee – we will ask for payment if your application is approved.

Permit applications take approximately two weeks to process, however they may take longer if further information is required.

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  • Resident parking permits will not be issued to residents of properties with off street parking or with a reasonable opportunity to modify their property to provide parking
  • Permits will not be issued to residents of a hotel, apartment or boarding house
  • Permits only provide exemption from time restrictions and will only be issued where there are existing time restrictions in the street adjacent to the property
  • Permits will only be issued to residents of properties in Residential 1, mixed use and Commercial 2 zones. Residents of properties in Commercial 1 Zones are not eligible for resident parking permits
  • Permits will not be issued to boats, trailers, caravans, vehicles over 4.5 tonnes or 7.5m in length
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