Nature strips

Staff Planting Trees on Nature Strip

What is a Nature Strip? 

Nature strips are the piece of land situated between the edge of a road and a property boundary.
This land is owned by Council as part of the road reserve, but it is usually maintained by residents. 

Nature strips provide a range of important functions, such as:

  • Accommodating services such as telephone, gas, water and sewerage, as well as power (above ground poles, or below ground)
  • Footpaths and transport for pedestrians, prams and other community members
  • Supporting local biodiversity
  • Creating visually pleasing green spaces
  • Provide space for tree planting
  • Open lines of sight  for vehicle traffic, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Access for postal and service maintenance staff, as well as bin collection
  • Improving soil health and reducing stormwater runoff and pollution. 

Where can I find information about what I can do on the nature strip abutting my property?

The Nature Strip Policy 2022 and accompanying Nature Strip Guidelines 2022 provide residents with information about what can be done on nature strips abutting their properties. If works are proposed on the nature strip that do not align with the policy or guidelines, than a Works Within Road Reserve Permit will be required for assessment by the City. 

It is important to note that parking of any vehicles or trailers on the nature strip is prohibited. 

Request tree planting on your nature strip

The City of Greater Bendigo will happily plant and establish trees on nature strips on request where possible.
If you would like a tree planted on your nature strip, you can submit a request through our Tree Planting web page.


Contact us

For more information about your nature strip or works within the road reserve, please contact the City on 1300 002 642 or via email at [email protected]

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