The City’s drainage assets are worth more than $300M and includes more than 42,000 drainage pits and 940kms of pipes and culverts. The City spends $1.5M per annum maintaining the system so that it remains serviceable. It also invests annually in the renewal and upgrade of existing stormwater systems to benefit the community.

The Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme includes provisions to protect water quality and minimise negative urban stormwater impacts. If your project requires a planning permit, you need to meet the water quality and quantity requirements to help ensure the health of our waterways.

If your project does not require a planning permit you are encouraged to embrace the City’s recommendations for stormwater management.

City of Greater Bendigo is becoming a Water Sensitive City (WSC) to ensure we become a thriving inland city, where water innovation supports healthy people, green environments and resilient systems.

Drain safety - don't enter a drain

Entering stormwater drains is dangerous and illegal, and could cost you your life or endanger others who rescue you.

Conditions inside a drain can become very hazardous without warning. For example:

  • Water levels can rise even on a dry, sunny day
  • Rainwater can arrive suddenly, having fallen many kilometres away
  • Slow moving flows can quickly become raging torrents
  • Areas with poisonous gases and low oxygen can be deadly
  • Drains may contain steep, hidden slopes, making it easy to slip and difficult for others to hear you call for help

We can’t cover up all stormwater drains and grilles – this would restrict water flows and cause a build-up of litter and debris, leading to flooding.

Problems with overland stormwater flow between neighbouring properties are generally civil matters to be resolved between the respective owners. The City has limited powers to intervene. See FAQ

View the projects we are working on related to Water Sensitive Bendigo. WSUD

View the draft plans of Drainage projects here.

  • Projects being constructed in 2021/2022
  • Projects being considered for future budgets
  • Projects already completed

Make a drainage request

If you are concerned about the stormwater drainage system in any area or find a pit or drain that needs inspection or maintenance you can lodge a request for our staff to investigate and program the required treatment of the issue. 

Lodge your request: 

We're updating the information on flood-prone properties and areas. We encourage you to register your property if it has experienced significant flooding. This helps us progress stormwater investigations and drainage projects. 

We welcome your feedback.

Did you know you can log requests online?

This includes several bin requests such as missed bins, footpath maintenance, tree inspections and general requests. Visit our make a request page.

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