Handy hints for your organic waste

Organics in the kitchen with family

If you are going on holidays and will miss your fortnightly organics bin collection the following handy hints and tips may help you to plan ahead:

  • Line your organics bin with newspaper
  • Use paper towel to line the bottom of your caddy liners to soak up any moisture that can cause the liner to break down quicker than normal
  • Double wrap meat, bones and unwanted pet food (with newspaper or paper towel) before placing in your caddy
  • Wrap fish and seafood waste (in newspaper or paper towel) and place in your freezer until your next collection is due
  • Make sure you tie a knot in your caddy liner when it is full and before you place it in your organics bin
  • Keep your organics bin in a shady spot
  • Sprinkle vinegar, baking soda, charcoal or eucalyptus oil in your organics bin to combat odours
  • A mix of garden and food waste helps keep bin odours under control
  • Purchase a Bin Kill tag that can be attached to the inside of your organics bin. The tag emits a vapour that kills flies and maggots. The product is available from Bunnings, Coles or Woolworths supermarkets
  • If you are going away ask your neighbour to put your bins out and bring them in for you (and you can return the favour when they are away)

Are you contaminating your organics bin by putting the wrong things in it?

Did you know that nappies and plastic bags should not be placed in your organics or recycling bins?

Plastic bags and bags that are labelled bio-degradable or compostable are not suitable for your organics bin as they don’t break down quickly enough in our composting process. Only the caddy liners supplied by the City are suitable to place in your organics bin.


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