Waste and Resource Management Strategy

The City of Greater Bendigo (CoGB) has developed a Waste and Resource Management Strategy to guide how we will deal with our waste in the future.

The Waste and Resource Management Strategy was developed with significant community and key stakeholders consultation in an effort to address existing and emerging waste management issues faced by the Greater Bendigo municipality.

We all create waste and waste is everyone’s problem.

Greater Bendigo like many other Australian municipalities is currently facing major challenges associated with the collection and disposal of solid waste. Existing landfills are running out of space and there is a general expectation that councils need to adopt a more sustainable approach to the way waste is managed.

While the strategy focuses on the domestic waste stream it also acknowledges the role the City currently occupies in the delivery of waste services to the business and industry sector on a commercial basis by operating a landfill.

Download a copy of the Waste and Resource Management Strategy (PDF, 1.8mb)

Key Recommendations

While it is clear there is still significant investigation required to provide explicit detail in the implementation of some of the key objectives outlined above, the key recommendations  the strategy include:

  • The City will introduce a combined garden and food organics collection to reduce waste going to landfill;
  • The City will introduce optional 360 litre recycling bins to residents wishing to increase their recycling capacity;
  • The City will not pursue the development of a new landfill once Eaglehawk Landfill reaches its capacity;
  • The City will commit to a powerful and targeted education and awareness program to support strategy initiatives;
  • The City will not introduce a kerbside hard waste collection service, but will promote the range of existing enterprises that service this need;
  • The City will continue to commit to reducing littering and illegal dumping;
  • The City will continue to create the opportunity for innovative responses to the management of our waste streams.

Key Drivers for Change

Over the consultation journey with key stakeholders, business and the general community a number of important steps have been identified as key objectives in addressing the need for change:

  • Reduce waste, increase resource recovery;
  • Focus on diverting organic waste from landfill to minimise current and future financial and environmental liabilities;
  • Provide an efficient, convenient and safe resource management system for residents;
  • Develop partnerships throughout Victoria to develop and deliver sustainable services;
  • Minimise the costs and risks to ratepayers;
  • Support innovation in resource management and look for opportunities to maximise sector development in Greater Bendigo;
  • Reduce the incidence of illegal dumping and littering.

What project reports and publications are available?

Background paper

A background paper documenting the current waste management situation in Greater Bendigo (Stage 1) has been compiled and is available to download. It is a statement of what are the current practices not a strategy for the future.

Project updates