Raywood Recreation Reserve Concept Plans

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Two concept plans featuring a range of improvements at the Raywood Recreation Reserve community facilities have been developed and the City is keen for interested residents to have their say on the plans.

Concept plan A

Concept plan B

Key elements of the proposed concept plans include:

  • building two new tennis/netball courts
  • new change room facilities, public toilets and local level splash park to replace the current swimming pool facilities
  • establishing an RV space and dumping point to encourage RV campers to visit and stay in Raywood
  • widening of the oval to help attract greater usage by allowing soccer to be played there and multiple junior Australian rules football matches.

Some important things to consider when viewing the concept plans:

  • The plans need to be considered in conjunction with the Town Hall, the City does not support a duplication of facilities, unless there’s a demonstrated need
  • Based on previous community feedback around the swimming pool it has been removed on the concept plans to be replaced by a splash park. However, no decision has been made to remove the swimming pool at this point in time.
  • Construction of two new tennis/netball courts at the Recreation Reserve is a non-negotiable and the City are committed to undertaking these works as a short term priority.

What we would like to know from you:

  • What’s your preferred concept plan and why? What do you think works well and what do you see as a potential issue?
  • What can you or the Raywood community do to get more usage of the Recreation Reserve and Town Hall in support of the implementation of the concept plans?
  • Do you support the removal of the pool to be replaced by a splashpark?

How can you provide feedback?

  1. Send an email to [email protected]
  2. Call and chat with Matthew Kerlin or Cara Smith on (03) 5434 6000
  3. Complete an online survey
  4. Come to the listening post at the Raywood Car Boot Sale on November 10, 2018 at the Raywood Recreation Reserve.

We welcome your feedback.

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