Commercial Land and Activity Centre Strategy 2015

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The Commercial Land and Activity Centre Strategy has been prepared to provide a framework for how our activity centres are planned and developed over the next two decades.  

It replaces our existing Commercial Land Strategy from 2005, which has guided a significant amount of commercial development over the past decade. 

Methodology - how we researched the strategy

The new strategy and its recommendations utilise the latest population and demographic information available, together with a comprehensive understanding of our existing supply of commercial floor space. The strategy has analysed the data, investigated emerging trends and innovations in retailing, and applied the key strategic directions coming from the recently adopted Residential Strategy and Connecting Greater Bendigo ITLUS in order to reach its conclusions and recommendations. 

In essence, there are two key outputs of the strategy: 

  • A set of updated projections for the ‘demand’ for new commercial floor space across the municipality 
  • An updated Activity Centre Hierarchy

Future demand for commercial spaces

The updated projections indicate that there will be significant demand for new commercial floorspace over the next 15 years. In the City Centre alone, it is estimated that around 10 city centre blocks of (single storey) development will be needed over the next 15 years to meet the forecast demand. But it is important to remember that the demand is not spread equally across the different sectors or the different activity centres, rather it varies for each centre and has been broken down into categories including supermarket, specialty retail, department store, hospitality and office. It is also important to remember that the demand may not always be met, or in some circumstances there may be an oversupply. In these instances, existing businesses will either trade better, or worse, than could be expected based on their population catchment. The breakdown of future floor-space needs for the larger centres can be found in the ‘Demand for commercial floor space’ section of the report. 

Identifying activity centres

The updated Activity Centre Hierarchy builds on the existing hierarchy that we have for the municipality, however it now includes places where recent growth has occurred or significant growth is planned. The strategy also highlights the evolving role that each centre needs to take to meet the needs of its supporting residential community. While used primarily as a planning decision making tool, having an effective Activity Centre Hierarchy is essential if we are to deliver on our community endorsed vision of working together to be Australia’s most liveable regional city. 

Read The Commercial Land and Activity Centre Strategy.

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