Development Contributions Plans (DCPs)

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What is a Development Contributions Plan?

A Development Contributions Plan (DCP) is a means of enabling the fair funding and delivery of infrastructure for a particular new development area.

It is a planning and legal instrument used to levy new development for contributions under the Planning and Environment Act (1987). The contributions ensure the provision of infrastructure that is required to service new development areas.

A DCP identifies the area of land it applies to, the infrastructure projects that the financial contributions would fund, and how these contributions would be calculated and shared across property owners.

A planning overlay is placed on land where a DCP applies so that land owners know what their future obligations are if they subdivide and/or develop their land.

Why do we need DCPs in Bendigo?

DCPs are needed to fund essential infrastructure that is required for new communities in Greater Bendigo’s growth areas. They are a fairer mechanism to share costs between all land owners that would benefit from the infrastructure, rather than Council or one developer having to fund the works in conjunction with a land owner as they develop their land.

Council has a limited infrastructure budget that covers the whole of the municipality. Future growth areas require significant investment that cannot be the sole responsibility of Council, so a DCP would provide a more sustainable approach in managing new communities and the services required.

A DCP provides assurance for developers and future residents in these growth areas that critical and often costly infrastructure would be provided in a timely manner as development progressively takes place.

What type of infrastructure can be funded through a DCP?

Funds received through a DCP can be used for a wide range of projects including:

  • New roads and intersections and upgrades
  • New drainage infrastructure and upgrades
  • Off road walking and cycling paths
  • New parks and play spaces
  • Landscaping and streetscaping works
  • Improvements to parks
  • Libraries
  • Sporting facilities
  • Youth facilities
  • Community health centres
  • Arts and cultural facilities
  • Public lighting and toilet blocks

Where are DCPs applied in Bendigo?

The City has two DCPs which have been gazetted into the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme which applies to the Marong Business Park and Huntly Growth Area. The contributions payable on this land are documented in the list below. 

The City is proposing further DCPs in two residential growth areas; these being Marong Township and Maiden Gully Growth Area. These are listed below with their current status.

Marong Business Park DCP

  • Status: Gazetted in the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme on 31 August 2017. The Marong Industrial DCP is currently not active as development has not progressed.
  • Amount: $ 133,618.27 per Net Developable Hectare (NDha) – Sept 2016
  • Next Levy Increase: N/A

Huntly Growth Area DCP

Maiden Gully DCP

Marong Township DCP

  • Status: TBC - Currently under preparation
  • Amount: TBC
  • Next Levy Increase: N/A

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