Golden Square Structure Plan

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The Golden Square Structure Plan is a framework which provides direction to revitalise and transform the suburb over time. The plan sets out objectives, strategies/actions and planning scheme recommendations on matters including land use (residential, commercial, industrial, passive open space), environmental risks (bushfire, flooding, and soil contamination), public realm improvements and the public transport network. 

A background report provides supporting information that includes a suburb profile, land use summary and detailed information across the following themes: 

  • Movement and Transport 
  • Heritage and Character 
  • Built Form and Public Realm 
  • Key Sites for Urban Renewal 
  • Economic Growth and Employment 
  • Community Facilities, Open Space and Recreation 
  • Environmental Considerations 
  • Social Infrastructure 

The plan is supported by an Urban Design Framework that covers the town centre and station precinct. The purpose of the Framework is to: 

  • Establish a clear and integrated vision for the Golden Square Town Centre, future Station Precinct and strategic redevelopment sites;  
  • Guide the use and development of the area through objectives, planning and design requirements and guidelines; 
  • Establish an implementation program of statutory and strategic initiatives; and 
  • Define key projects and infrastructure required to support sustainable growth and development. 

Key directions are: 

  • Protect buildings and areas of heritage significance which are valued by the community; 
  • Create a space for community events and social interaction in the heart of the retail and commercial core; 
  • Support the construction of contemporary shop-top apartments within the retail and commercial core; 
  • Reopen the Golden Square Train Station. The new station is to be located to the east of the former station, between Maple and Laurel Streets and will have a strong connection to the town centre; and 
  • Support the construction of 2-3 storey townhouse or apartment-style dwellings on the underdeveloped land fronting Bendigo Creek. Encourage these properties to have an address to and outlook onto the Bendigo Creek. 

The Golden Square Structure Plan, Urban Design Framework and Background Report were adopted by Council at the Meeting of 24 January 2022. 

At the same Meeting, a Planning Scheme Amendment to implement the Structure Plan and Urban Design Framework was also considered.  Council resolved to request the Minister for Planning to authorise Council to prepare Amendment C270gben to the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme. 

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