Greater CREATIVE Bendigo strategy officially launched!

The newly published Greater CREATIVE Bendigo strategy – which features images of local creative people and their work – was officially launched by Mayor Cr Margaret O’Rourke and Cr Matt Emond on July 25, 2019 as part of a (chilly!) night of entertainment, networking and creative discovery at the Bendigo Tramways.

And watch this space for more news of the projects and initiatives we are rolling out as we work on implementing the actions outlined in Greater CREATIVE Bendigo.

Strategy adopted

At its meeting on Wednesday November 21, 2018 Greater Bendigo City Council adopted Greater CREATIVE Bendigo

Creative Conversations

The ‘Creative Conversations’ series was an important part of the City of Greater Bendigo’s community engagement during the preparation of Greater CREATIVE Bendigo. Great thinkers, artists, storytellers and locals who are really making their creative mark, were invited to share what they think will make Bendigo an even more creative city. Creative Conversations were free public events featuring a number of new and different speakers from across a number of creative industries. Read more about each session:


Following the success of the previous Arts and Culture Strategy 2008-2011, the City is developing a new Arts and Creative Industry Strategy. The new strategy embraces a new approach to thinking about creativity in our region.

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