Creative Conversations I

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Creative Conversations I

Thursday 30 November 2017, 6pm - 7.30pm at Ulumbarra Theatre

Creative Conversations was launched at Ulumbarra Theatre in November 2017 and discussed what it takes to build a creative city. The panel was hosted by Jonathan Ridnell (former ABC radio host and current General Manager of the Discovery Centre) and featured:

  • Graeme Wiggins (Director Bendigo Tech School),
  • Chris Kennett (children’s author, illustrator and flash animator),
  • Rob McGauran (architect), and
  • Megan Beckwith (digital and performance artist).

Discussion focussed on three main points summarised below:

1. What should the City do?

  • Availability, affordability and better use of our spaces is critical.
  • Universities should be located in the Central Business District (CBD).
  • We need to be attracting new people to live and work in Greater Bendigo.

2. Why should we fund arts and creative industries?

  • Artists bring vibrancy to a place, it’s at the heart of everything.
  • Creativity is problem solving across multiple levels – today creativity is knowing the right question to ask and knowing what the problem is to solve.
  • The modern economy is about a new mode of thinking – thinking creatively. Young people are already figuring this out; how to get people to part with their money. We must equip our children with the means to think creatively.
  • Collaboration and testing out ideas is important.

3. Does everything have to turn a profit or be monetised?

  • The beauty of ideas and exploration is important, Einstein explored things (e.g. quantum physics) just for the beauty and wonder of it
  • Innovation is about successful incorporation of technology in a new way (the phone isn’t an invention, it’s an innovation), we must make intellectual property available to speed up the process of innovation.
  • Initially creative people don’t do it for the money, but for the fun, experimentation and interest

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