Greater Bendigo Housing Strategy

Front Garden in Housing Estate

Greater Bendigo Housing Strategy Implementation Plan

At its meeting on Wednesday 24 January 2018, the City of Greater Bendigo has endorsed the Implementation Plan and updated strategy for the Greater Bendigo Housing Strategy.

The implementation of the Housing Strategy will be done as part of the Planning Scheme Review.


On 21 June 2017 the Council considered the draft Greater Bendigo Residential Strategy Implementation Plan. A copy of the summary Project Bulletin is also available here - Greater Bendigo Housing Strategy Implementation Plan Bulletin July 2017 (6.65KB).  The draft Greater Bendigo Housing Strategy Implementation Plan together with the draft Investigation of Low Density Residential and Farming Zone Land (referred to below) are now on formal exhibition until 4 August 2017.

Council also considered the “Investigation of Low Density Residential and Farming Zone Land” which is a desktop analysis of all land zoned Low Density Residential and Farming that is within the Urban Growth Boundary. This document is available to download in sections due to its size, or as a complete document below:


On 31 August 2016 Council resolved to adopt the Greater Bendigo Housing Strategy.

The Greater Bendigo Housing Strategy provides guidance on the location, type and form of housing that is required into the future to suit the changing needs of our community. 

The next stage is to prepare the implementation plan for the Housing Strategy. The implementation plan will set out how the strategic direction from the Housing Strategy can be translated into the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme and other non-planning scheme tools.

The implementation plan will be reported to the new council in 2017.

Housing strategy day

On Tuesday July 26, 2016 an information/workshop session on the Greater Bendigo Housing Strategy was held at the Bendigo Bank Theatre at The Capital. 

The day was very successful with plenty of discussion about all things housing. Presentations included: 

Why develop a housing strategy

Housing is at the core of every community. The provision of housing has social, economic and environmental dimensions and implications. The liveability of every community is affected by having access to quality housing suitable for people’s needs. The lives of people, families and households are profoundly influenced by how these issues are handled and the responses made to them. Where and how we live are the result of decisions made about housing. 

Both the Federal and State governments are increasing their focus on issues relating to housing. But the Greater Bendigo Council has no specific strategy and policy about the type and form of housing needed and what actions Council will support. The majority of councils in Victoria have a clear policy about the housing needed in their municipality. Many have strategies and policies about housing affordability with varying levels of involvement ranging from providing encouragement through policies in planning schemes to being an active participant in the delivery of affordable housing. 

The development and adoption of a Housing Strategy setting out what Council intends to do about housing is an essential element of fulfilling its role to plan for the development of the whole City. 

Housing Strategy discussion paper

The discussion paper comprises six sections: 

  1. Issues and opportunities
  2. Greater Bendigo’s housing needs 
  3. The City’s long term land supply
  4. Housing as part of the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme
  5. 10 minute neighbourhoods and character
  6. Housing affordability and the role of Council


Maps for background information

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