How we plan

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Council's Planning and Reporting framework is underpinned by federal, state and regional strategic plans, policies and legislation. 

The Council Plan is made up of the strategic objectives and strategies of each Councillor’s individual wards, together with a number of adopted strategies and plans. Go to the Council Plan.

Community consultation

Councillors shape their strategic objectives and strategies from the preferences and priorities of their community members, which are gauged from participating in “listening posts”, local community planning and social events and being accessible to individual representations. Adopted strategies and plans are the product of community consultation and research and drive service delivery and planning activity across the municipality. They set the broad parameters and guidelines that are the basis of yearly actions in the Council Plan and are subject to statutory and periodic review and revision. 

The Budget is developed in parallel to the Council Plan. The service unit plans and sets out how Council will manage its finances to meet its obligations and responsibilities in the year ahead in order to deliver on the objectives outlined in the Council Plan.

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