Affordable Housing Action Plan

Having access to housing is a fundamental human right and without it many other basic human rights are compromised. Being able to access affordable and appropriate housing helps people secure and maintain a job, keep families safe, raise happy and healthy children, enjoy a better standard of living and contribute to their community.

Despite increasing awareness of the importance of housing, both among the community and across all levels of government, the evidence indicates that there is a growing housing affordability problem in many parts of Australia including Greater Bendigo.

In response to this growing issue the City of Greater Bendigo has prepared an Affordable Housing Action Plan, which was adopted by Council at the 20 September 2021 Council meeting. The Council report is also available for download.

The Action Plan sets out the City’s role and actions it will implement to support an increase in the supply and provision of affordable housing to meet the community’s needs.

Thank you to all the stakeholders and community members who contributed to the development of this Action Plan. A summary of all feedback and engagement undertaken as part of the project is included in the Affordable Housing Community Engagement Summary Report.

How did we get here?

In 2018 the City held a public forum followed by research into affordable housing in Greater Bendigo to inform the development of an Affordable Housing Background Paper. This Background Paper was released in February 2020 for further community consultation. The findings of this consultation and further research has informed the preparation of a Draft Affordable Housing Action Plan

Victoria State Government’s Big Housing Build

Late last year the State Government announced the $5.3B Big Housing Build funding program to increase and improve Victoria’s social housing supply.

There are several funding initiatives and process improvements coming from this program that will impact Community Housing Providers, private developers and the City.

The City is currently working through the opportunities and implications as further details are released from State Government.

If you are a Community Housing Provider or developer interested in social housing in Greater Bendigo please contact [email protected].

For more information about the Big Housing Build please see Homes Victoria

Frequently Asked Questions

The City of Greater Bendigo is developing an Affordable Housing Action Plan (Action Plan). The Action Plan aims to better understand affordable housing needs in Greater Bendigo. It will establish a clear and concise position for how the City proposes to address the growing issue of an affordable housing shortage in Greater Bendigo now and into the future. This includes mechanisms to increase the supply of well-designed and efficient affordable housing.

Governments at all levels have a clear obligation to ensure that individuals and households have access to adequate, appropriate and affordable housing, as a cornerstone of a strong and fair society. While Local Government is responsible for ensuring there is an adequate supply of housing to meet community needs, there is no set policy or role for the provision of affordable housing. It is therefore the responsibility of each individual Council to determine what their policy or role will be.

Housing plays a vital role in the Greater Bendigo’s growth and development and particularly in the Council’s commitment to improving liveability. Developing an Affordable Housing Action Plan is a key priority set out in the Council’s adopted Community Plan 2017-2021 and the Greater Bendigo Housing Strategy. This work will help to achieve our vision ‘Greater Bendigo – Working together to be the world's most liveable community’.

Housing looks different for individuals, couples and families. As people move through life stages their needs change – health, relationships and employment can influence the type of housing they need, their living arrangements and what they can afford.

There is a clear relationship between housing and wellbeing, and access to adequate housing has a multitude of broader benefits, from better health outcomes to improved learning outcomes for children in school. When people do not have access to affordable housing then other basic needs, such as food and clothing, can be compromised.

Affordable housing is vital for the health, wellbeing and prosperity of our residents. If we want to create the world’s most liveable community in Greater Bendigo this must be for all our residents, and affordable housing must be considered essential infrastructure.

There are many different definitions of affordable housing. The widely accepted definition is measured by the 30/40 rule where the cost of housing is ‘no more than 30 per cent of income for those households in the bottom 40 per cent of adjusted income distribution’.

In Victoria the Planning and Environment Act 1987 defines affordable housing as housing (including social housing) that is appropriate for the needs of very low income households, low income households and moderate income households. Household income ranges are set by the Minister for Planning and released annually.

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Project timeline

  • Stage 1 – Project scope
  • Stage 2 – Background Paper
  • Stage 3 – Draft Action Plan
  • Stage 4 – Final Action Plan
  • Affordable Housing Action Plan adopted by Council

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