Greater Bendigo's Food System Strategy 2020-2030

Greater Bendigo Food System Strategy

Greater Bendigo's Food System Strategy 2020-2030 has been developed in partnership with multiple organisations, businesses and community groups. The strategy is the first of its kind for the Greater Bendigo region. 

The Strategy uses a collective impact framework, which is based on the knowledge that individual actions and efforts are limited, but when we work together towards a common aim we maximise our impact. Over 30 organisations and groups have committed to either leading or supporting key actions listed within the 10 year Strategy Action Plan. The Strategy’s shared vision, guiding principles and objectives are listed below:

Shared vision

Greater Bendigo’s food system is healthy, equitable and sustainable and supports the local economy, culture, and health and wellbeing of our communities.

Guiding principles

  • A healthy food system that promotes the health of people and enhances the natural environment
  • An equitable food system that makes nutritious and culturally appropriate food accessible and affordable to everyone across our communities 
  • A sustainable food system that strengthens our local economy and builds the capacity and resilience of our communities


  1. Enable communities to access safe, affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food and drinks  
  2. Strengthen and support a sustainable local food economy that enables the growth, production and sale of healthy food locally
  3. Support local food growing and producing, sourcing, cooking and sharing knowledge, skills and culture
  4. Reduce and divert food waste from landfill

The City and other members of the Victorian Food Security and Food Systems Working Group have developed 'Towards a Healthy, Regenerative, and Equitable Food System in Victoria: A Consensus Statement'. This Consensus Statement is a timely and powerful call to action for the State and Local Governments and others to bring about the urgently needed transition to the Victorian food system. 

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