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The exhibition of the draft strategy to manage future residential and employment growth in Golden Square concluded on September 21, 2020.  Submissions received will now be reviewed and considered at a future Council Meeting. 

Preliminary consultation occurred earlier this year with the key themes being:

  • A strong sense of community particularly with links to sporting groups
  • Great location – access to City Centre, services and facilities
  • Support moderate sensitive change
  • Value the heritage and character of the area
  • Want improved public transport
  • Improve and upgrade the town centre
  • Want more commercial activity
  • Don’t want to lose the village feel of the area

This information has helped inform the development of a draft plan which was presented to Council on August 19, 2020. The exhibition period has now closed but Draft Golden Square Framework Plan, Background Report and Urban Design Framework (UDF) are still available for you to download, whilst submissions are collated and reviewed.

The Plan aims to develop a land-use framework to transform the suburb over time. The Plan will help to drive employment, improve liveability, make better use of existing vacant land, and consider a plan for residential, commercial and industrial growth.

The Plan considers matters including:

  • Movement and Transport
  • Heritage and Character
  • Built Form and Public Realm
  • Economic Growth and Employment
  • Community Facilities, Open Space and Recreation
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Social Infrastructure

To support the implementation an Urban Design Framework has been prepared for the Golden Square Town Centre, former Primary School site and Station precinct. The aim of the UDF is to provide certainty in the guidance of future development within the UDF area. The goals of the UDF are to:

  • Establish a clear and integrated vision for the Golden Square Town Centre and Station Precinct;
  • Guide the use and development of the area through objectives, planning and design requirements and guidelines;
  • Establish an implementation program of statutory and strategic initiatives; and
  • Define key projects and infrastructure required to support sustainable growth and development.

While a formal Planning Scheme Amendment is not proposed as part of this stage of the project, draft amendment documentation has been prepared to accompany the consultation phase allowing the community to have an understanding of recommended changes.

A formal Planning Scheme Amendment will be undertaken separately and will include a formal exhibition process.

Golden Square study area

This document outlines the area of the project.

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