Maiden Gully Precinct Structure and Development Contributions Plan

Council adopted revised Maiden Gully Precinct Structure Plan and the Maiden Gully Development Contributions Plan Part 1 and Part 2 at its meeting on September 16, 2020. Visit the Development Contributions Plan webpage for more information.

The latest project bulletin is also available that provides more detail on the project and details of next steps. 

The City undertook a socio-economic assessment of the Maiden Gully PSP to better understand what the impacts of the project on peoples social and economic well-being. 


The Maiden Gully Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) was adopted by Council on September 11, 2013 and it communicates an overall long-term plan for the study area. It looks at physical features such as housing areas, places for business and economic development, open spaces and recreation, transport, community facilities and infrastructure.

Since the adoption of the PSP there have been changes to the guidelines around the structure of PSPs.

This has required a re-write of the document which is currently being finalised.

The revised PSP will look quite different to the version adopted in 2013, but the intent and strategic direction has not changed.

One of the recommendations of the Structure Plan was to prepare a Development Contributions Plan (DCP). The DCP looks at what major infrastructure is required and this is equitably paid for.

The Maiden Gully DCP has been particularly complex given the landscape of the area, its location and ownership patterns.

Given these complexities, changes to State Policy and other issues that have arisen the DCP has taken longer to finalise than expected.

The City understands that this has been frustrating for all parties, however getting these documents right is critical.

These documents are close to being finalised and will be publicly available in the near future.

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