Marong Township Structure Plan

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The Marong Township Structure Plan (TSP) was adopted by Council on September 16, 2020.

The Marong TSP establishes a clear vision and planning framework for the township’s future. Marong is expected to grow over the next 25 years, ultimately accommodating approximately 8,000 people in a compact satellite township built around a vibrant town centre and a high quality public space network.

The TSP has been developed over more than four years of collaborative work between the City, the community, landowners, and State Government Departments and agencies.

Planning for industrial land needs

Since the release of the draft TSP in 2018, the City of Greater Bendigo has spent a significant amount of time planning for industrial land.

The TSP includes land shown as the ‘Marong South Industrial Investigation Precinct’. This area is one of the locations across the City of Greater Bendigo that has been identified to potentially provide for the future industrial land needs for the Greater Bendigo region.

The development of this land will be subject to further planning and investigation. It is important that the TSP references this situation and the future investigative work which will be undertaken.

Read frequently asked questions about industrial land.

Planning for future infrastructure

The TSP also includes the essential infrastructure projects that Marong will need to support a population of 8,000 people. This includes projects that will be incorporated in the Marong Development Contributions Plan (DCP), which will cover new roads, upgraded intersections, shared paths, drainage basins and public open spaces. Concept designs and cost estimates have been prepared for these DCP projects.

The adoption of the DCP has been deferred until further work investigating the industrial precinct is complete. This will ensure that the DCP considers the whole township’s infrastructure needs.

The next steps

The adoption of the TSP by Council is the first step in a process to include the plan and the DCP in the planning scheme. The planning scheme will need to be amended to include the rezoning of areas within the existing township area, apply planning overlays and introduce a Local Area Plan for Marong which will outline where and when future growth areas can be provided for through the rezoning of land. If further planning and investigation confirms the suitability of the Marong South Industrial Investigation Precinct for future industrial development that area will also need to go through a planning scheme amendment process to rezone the land.

Amending the planning scheme

A planning scheme amendment will be required to implement most components of the TSP. This includes rezoning land, applying planning overlays and including local policy that references the TSP.

The Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme can be amended after following these steps:

  • The Minister for Planning authorises Council to prepare an amendment
  • Council exhibits the amendment publicly, notifies affected stakeholders and invites written submissions
  • If any submissions cannot be resolved, Council will request that an independent planning panel be appointed by the Minister for Planning. This panel will consider all submissions including any from members of the community, Council and government departments, expert witnesses, and any submitter who wishes to be heard.
  • The panel provides a report with recommendations about the amendment
  • Council decides whether to adopt the amendment, adopt with changes, or abandon the amendment
  • The Minister for Planning decides whether or not to approve the amendment

This process can usually take approximately 18 months.

More information can be found on the City of Greater Bendigo’s Planning Scheme Amendments web page.

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