Public Space Advisory Committee

The Greater Bendigo Public Space Advisory Committee provides high level strategic advice to Council about Public Space matters by:

  • Providing guidance for the implementation of public space related planning, design and management
  • Providing advice to Council on current and emerging issues for public spaces, including issues related to, but not limited to, leisure, education, economic, cultural, social and environmental aspects
  • Providing advice on matters strategically relevant to public spaces as required by Council including, but not limited to, implementation of the Public Space Plan
  • Participating in consultative forums initiated by the City of Greater Bendigo for the purpose of informing and seeking feedback from the community
  • Assisting in the development of partnerships and communication networks to ensure effective dissemination of information, coordinated advice and feedback to Council
  • Harnessing the opportunities that City of Greater Bendigo's community engagement meetings afford to profile issues relevant to the progression of the Public Space Plan
  • Providing recommendations for research or investigations into strategic issues impacting on public space
  • Providing clear recommendations based on skills, knowledge and experience of the members
  • Identifying relevant funding opportunities

The Committee is made up of:

  • Three Councillors (including the Chairperson and Deputy Chair)
  • One City of Greater Bendigo Youth Councillor
  • Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning representative
  • Parks Victoria Representative
  • Registered Aboriginal Party/ies representatives
  • Two City of Greater Bendigo senior officer representatives
  • An Executive Officer from the Active and Healthy Lifestyles unit
  • Community representatives (up to 5), who have expertise, skills, qualifications, experience and passion for environmental sustainability

The Committee meets 6 times a year and the membership is for 3 years. View the committee Terms of Reference.

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