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Your public space priorities

Following the completion of the Greater Bendigo Public Space Plan in July 2018, an implementation framework has been drafted to guide the Plan’s implementation over the years and decades to come.

We want to understand community views about which public space strategies are most important to you and to factor this into the finalisation of the implementation framework.  You can tell us what you think by completing the following two-part survey  (you can complete either or both parts):

1. Rate the importance of the Public Space Plan’s citywide strategies  

2. Rate the importance of the Public Space Plan strategies in your area

How your input will help us

Community views about relative priorities will be considered alongside City staff priority recommendations.  In some cases we expect there will be consistency and in others some differences.  This will be highlighted for the purpose of internal review and also for the Council to consider and provide direction.

Please note also that some of the changes arising from community input will need to be reflected in an updated version of the Public Space Plan.

How we reached this point

The Greater Bendigo Public Space Plan was adopted by Council at its meeting on Wednesday 18 July 2018:

The draft version of the Public Space Plan was made available for community comment for 6 weeks during April and May 2018.

A Conceptual Vision was produced in Stage 2 as a prelude to the development of the draft plan. Prior to that, in Stage 1, wide-ranging research and analysis and consultation was undertaken to produce the Strategic Context and Issues Report.


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