Urban trees provide countless environmental, economic and social benefits. They contribute to a liveable city, support community health and wellbeing and enhance the character of our urban areas and townships. The City manages and maintains over 120,000 urban tree across Greater Bendigo in streets and public open spaces and plants over 1,000 new trees every year.

Urban Tree Management Policy

As urban development increases and vegetation on private land diminishes, the provision and protection of trees in the public realm will become increasingly important. The Urban Tree Management Policy provides a consistent approach to the management of urban trees by the City of Greater Bendigo. The policy aims to protect existing trees from development and to clearly define the circumstances under which public trees may be removed.

This policy applies to all public trees that are on land owned or managed by the City of Greater Bendigo within Bendigo's urban boundary and within townships and applies to all developers, builders, service providers, residents, civil contractors, event organisers and internal works units undertaking activities in proximity to urban trees.

Urban Tree Management Policy

How to calculate a tree's amenity value

When will tree removal be considered?

Tree Protection

Most trees will take many years, if not decades, to establish but are frequently compromised or irreversibly damaged by activities that do not adequately consider the requirements a tree needs to survive and grow.

The City has adopted the Australian Standard (AS 4970) for the protection of trees on development sites as the principal means of protecting Council trees. 

Download guidelines for Protection and Retention of Trees on Development Sites

If the tree protection measures in these guidelines can't be met, please contact one of our Arborists to arrange a site visit on:

1300 002 642 or e-mail [email protected]

Tree Management Program

All urban trees managed by the City of Greater Bendigo are inspected and maintained on a regular cycle by qualified arborists. The Proactive Tree Management Program is divided into 17 zones, each of which is inspected and works programmed as required at least once every four years. Trees within the CBD and in high profile parks and gardens are inspected annually.

Tree Maintenance

Our in-house crews and contractors manage and prioritise tree works and maintenance requests and clean up after storm events. 

To ask about tree inspections or request tree maintenance, planting, pruning or stump removal:

As our team is currently experiencing a large volume of requests, some less urgent works may take longer to be completed or be completed as part of the next Proactive Management cycle for that zone.  

Electrical Line Clearance

Powerlines are kept clear of trees and vegetation by our qualified arborists and contractors. For more information please visit Trees and Electrical Line Clearance.

Elm Tree Management

The City of Greater Bendigo has one of the healthiest, mature populations of Elm trees in the world. The City is responsible for managing approximately 3,600 historic Elms in parks, gardens and road reserves across Greater Bendigo. We protect the City's Elms from Elm Leaf Beetle by applying a series of soil injections around the base of the trees every second year. 

The City of Greater Bendigo does not treat Elm trees on private property. 

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