Truck Wise

What is Truck Wise?

A pilot project, Truck Wise uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology to generate greater awareness of the interactions between trucks and cars on our roads. Watch this project wrap up video to learn more about Truck Wise.

Why is Truck Wise important?

Road crashes are one of the leading causes of death among young people. A consistent worldwide finding is the extremely high crash and fatality rate during the first year of driving. Over 60 per cent of fatalities occur on country roads. Truck Wise targets 16-18-year-olds – supporting young drivers to make safe choices when sharing the road with heavy vehicles.

Truck Wise focuses on increasing empathy for the challenges and risks unique to truck drivers. The approach is not to shock or scare, but to build awareness of the risks associated with navigating a heavy vehicle, including blind spots, longer stopping distances and wider turning circles.

Who's involved in the project?

The Truck Wise pilot project was conceived and led by the City of Greater Bendigo and funded by the Federal Government through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. The pilot was completed by the City in 2020 in collaboration with Deakin University, Bendigo Tech School and the Transport Accident Commission.

Renowned local freight operators, Marla Stone of Agri-Trans A & M Stone and Damien Power of Power’s Country Express, were key contributors. They helped to identify hazardous scenarios faced by truck drivers when interacting with cars and were 3D scanned to produce digital avatars that feature in the VR experiences.

How can I use Truck Wise?

Truck Wise is designed to complement existing school-based road safety programs but can be used by anyone.

There are two VR experiences:

  1. An interactive VR experience using a headset intended for in school groups
  2. A 360-degree video version, able to be accessed by any one from anywhere using a web browser like Google

Visit the online Truck Wise HUB to access:

I'm a teacher, how can I register for the VR experience?

Schools can register their interest in accessing the VR experience itself and a template for a complete remote-learning class by filling out the feedback form on the Truck Wise HUB.

What's next?

The City secured Federal funding for this pilot project in response to the City’s Bendigo Freight Study (2017). Following the success of the City’s pilot, we hope further funding will be provided for stage two of the program, to be led by Deakin University to roll out the program nationally.

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