The Female Body by Neil Matterson

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Neil Matterson is a contemporary Melb, Sydney and Brisbane newspaper cartoonist since 1975 & author of many books. His paintings and drawings have a strong narrative, similar to his cartoons many layers of meaning. Matterson's career spans over a decade as a cartoonist. 3 time nomination for the Walkleys, Latrobe Alumi and kind, humble family man.

Award winning artist in this upcoming exhibition he pays homage to the female form. The female body has historically been a body under review. The journey through life for a woman can be difficult when her body doesn’t mirror constructed perfection, sometimes forcing the seeking out of a detour from scrutiny and comment. The aim for some is for their bodies to go undetected. The aim of this exhibition is for the female body to be on display in a tribute to all its variations.

This exhibition is not child friendly as there is some nudity

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Arnold Street Gallery


189 Arnold Street North Bendigo 3550


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Susan McMinn
Arnold Street Gallery

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