Wake up and Shake up your life

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Is this you?
• What about me? When is it my time? I’m over this. Are you saying this to yourself on a daily or weekly basis?
• You want to shake up your life so you can finally start to prioritise YOU?
• Every day, week and month feels like you are on a conveyor belt with no way of getting off?

Come and join me for an invigorating workshop to fire you up and get things moving in your life. In our time together we will shake up how you think about life, and zero in on getting back to the real you (before life happened to you). I’ll wake you up so you know what is actually stopping you, and put real things in place so you can (and will).

Upcoming dates and times

No upcoming dates

Venue Name

The Schaller Studio.


Bayne & Lucan Street, Bendigo


$45 per session


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