Seasonal sports club booking

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About the booking process

If you would like to book a sporting ground or park for regular use for a sporting season, please:

  1. Read through the Seasonal Users Sports Facilities FAQ's
  2. Make an online booking profile
  3. Manage your bookings through the club's booking portal

Book now for a seasonal sports club

Season dates

Winter: April 1 to September 30. Applications close mid-February.

Summer: October 1 to March 31. Applications close mid-August.


  • Blanket bookings of sports fields will not be accepted. An accurate training booking must be submitted.
  • You must pay a fee to use our sporting fields. Please refer to fees and charges which is payable via invoice or direct debit.
  • If your club is experiencing financial hardship, you can apply for a fee reduction or fee waiver.
  • Ensure you book any special events dates that may be occurring during the season such as interleague matches, region championships, school holiday programs.
  • All pre-season training needs to be submitted as a booking. These bookings will be reviewed after consultation with other users of the requested venue and are subject to the volume of pre-season applications.

Book now for a seasonal sports club