Bendigo Ultimate Frisbee - Friday Night Frisbee

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Friday Night Frisbee is an entry level pick up (no pre-registration required) event which aims at including people into the game of Ultimate (frisbee). 

Ultimate, commonly known as ultimate frisbee is a self-refereed disc sport played like Netball on a field like Gridiron. Teams must work the Frisbee up by throwing from stationary positions to their team mates working the disc up the field to catch in their end zone which results in a point. In Friday Night Frisbee points are not counted or tallied and teams will often switch players to keep an even playing field and meet new people.

Although a non-contact sport and anyone can join if aged 14 and over, juniors however, under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian due to often difference between players’ body builds.  

Upcoming dates and times

No upcoming dates

Venue Name

Mason Field Park


Reservoir Road, Strathdale


$3 per person (first week is free)
Paid Event


Bendigo Ultimate

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