Kennington Reservoir

Bushland Reserve | Park and Garden | Fishing Area

Kennington Reservoir is a popular place for bush walking, fishing and having a picnic. The reservoir has been called 'a fine sheet of water' and is known for it's wildlife, indigenous vegetation and walking tracks.

There's a BBQ on site, a fishing platform, and redfin and rainbow trout in the reservoir. 

Walk north from the reservoir on the Grassy Flat Creek Trail which connects to the Grassy Flat Bushland Reserve, Strathdale Park Sports Precinct, Strathdale Park Playspace on Crook St, Strathdale Community Centre and the Harcourt Dog Park.

Reservoir Rd has ample parking and access to all the facilities.


2 Reservoir Rd, Kennington 3550

More Information

Visit the Victorian Fishing Authority website to learn more about recreational fishing or call them on 136186