Fun Loong (Hargreaves Mall) Playspace

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The Fun Loong Playspace is located in Hargreaves Mall in the Bendigo CBD. Its name is a play on the name of the iconic Bendigo dragon Sun Loong.

Children can play on the head and body of a bright red dragon. They can climb up into the dragon’s head and spin its eyes around and slide down its tongue. Jump on the trampoline or run on the dragon’s tail and wavy boardwalk. Climb the colourful hoops, weave in and out of the pole forest wings, play hide and seek, crawl in the tunnel and under the steps, or whisper through the yellow sound tubes to the dragon or friends.

Fun Loong was the most popular design choice for a playground for the Mall when more than 2500 children voted in 2015.


Hargreaves Mall, Bendigo 3550

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For more information please contact us on 1300 002 642.