Crusoe Reservoir and No. 7 Park

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Crusoe Reservoir and No. 7 Park is a popular destination for cycling, walking, jogging and fishing. The 210-hectare area is surrounded by the Greater Bendigo National Park and is known for its beautiful landscape, indigenous vegetation, rich cultural heritage and recreational opportunities.

All abilities access is available on the wide, shared paths and there are accessible toilets, parking, tables and seating available.

Dogs are not permitted at the park. Please also take your rubbish home with you as there are no bins in the area.

There is also a series of measured jogging and cycling tracks available which are sign-posted and color-coded.

The track around Crusoe Reservoir is 3.3kms, the track around No. 7 reservoir is 1.4kms and the link track between the two is 1.4kms.

Fishing and water play

Crusoe Reservoir only (not No. 7 Reservoir) can be used for swimming, canoeing, small scale sailing and fishing (Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Redfin and Tench)

The No. 7 Reservoir is an established conservation area and cannot be used for fishing. This reservoir is home to many species of flora and fauna including the Freshwater Catfish, which in Victoria has been classified as a vulnerable species.

Swimming Lessons

VICSWIM operates at Crusoe Reservoir during January.


The area is dominated by box ironbark forest ecology and on your visit you'll see many examples of revegetation and habitat restoration works such as frog ponds, storm water harvesting, nest box installations and native grass lawns.

Make a group booking to learn about the flora and fauna of the area.

Contact the Friends of Crusoe Reservoir and No. 7 Park to get involved. They assist us in promoting, protecting and enhancing the park.




Crusoe Road Kangaroo Flat 3555

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Contact us to make an enquiry or a booking via [email protected] or by calling 1300 002 642

You can also get involved by contacting the Friends of Crusoe Reservoir and No. 7 Park on facebook 

More information

Read more about Crusoe and No. 7 Park at the Bendigo Tourism website

Learn about the management of the park by reading the Crusoe Reservoir and No. 7 Park Interim Management Plan